Reboot Live
January 10th. 7:00pm, Buena Vista High School

The Live Event Experience
REBOOT! is a high-energy, 2 ½ hour renewal event designed to bring a brand new energy and vitality to your parish community. The event has two parts: (1) It begins with an inspirational, high-energy unpacking of the genius of the heart of the Gospel, revealing its power and real beauty. The experience is fresh and compelling, and is like hearing the Gospel for the first time all over again! And, (2) It finishes strong with real-life, practical, “can-do” ways of applying the genius of the Gospel in everyday life. 
There is no part of your life that will be left untouched.

Chris Stefanick is one of the most engaging young defenders of the Christian faith on the scene today.”
— Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Who Should Attend?

The presentation will always be appropriate for ages 12 and older. Youth are encouraged to attend! Every Real Life Catholic live event has attendees ranging from twelve- to ninety-years old. One of the things that sets REBOOT! apart from others is Chris’s unique ability to capture the attention of – and really engage – young and old alike with the same message at the same time. We don’t know how – we just know it works! The impact the REBOOT! experience has for families who attend together is tremendous.