This ministry is designed to provide food and foster fellowship after 8:00 am and 10:00 am Sunday Masses at Our Lady of Peace.  This requires the person to brew and serve coffee, and to set out the donuts after Mass.  Those who help at the first Mass of the morning normally pick up the donuts and bring them to the church.  Contact Linda Boucher, 970-468-2197 or

This ministry prepares a light meal after the Stations of the Cross during Lent at St. Mary and Our Lady of Peace.  Normally, one is only asked to do this one time during the Lenten season.  Contact Bryan Hartwig, 970-468-9162 or

For those who love to cook, they can assist preparing various items-from cookies, to appetizers, to main dishes-thus helping provide food for those we welcome at specific parish events.  Contact Carol Rickauer, 970-668-3737 or

Finance Council

The Finance Council assists with the responsible oversight of the parish's resources.  They review and approve the annual parish budget, monitor the budget throughout the fiscal year, advise the pastor in financial matters, and insure that the parish remains current with its obligations to the parish employees, parish vendors, and Archdiocesan organizations, including the payment of assessments, insurance premiums, retirement premiums and payroll taxes.

If you have questions or would like to provide your input, please contact one of the council members:

  • Joe Lamb (Chair) 468-5199
  • Kathy Legoza 513-8474
  • Larry Beardsley (303) 521-6590
  • Connie Angell 409-8820 
  • Larry Patterson (719) 325-6522
  • Gerry Fricke 468-8230

Parish Financial Report
For the nine months Ended March 31, 2018

Actual               Budget                                                                         

            Offertory                               $  865,418      $  783,100
            Other Income                             40,180            28,912   

            Total Income                             905,598         812,012

            Operating Expenses                   744,649         787,264
            Net Income                               160,949           24,748

This committee meets normally about four times a year.