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We’re Making Changes!

We believe that God has more in store for you, your children, and your family. Christ is alive! Everything He touches becomes young, new, and full of life. That is why we are beginning to offer more programming for children and for the family. While preparing to receive the Sacraments is an important step, following Jesus is a process that begins in our earliest years, and goes far beyond our Confirmation. Faith cannot be handed on passively. It requires intentional steps by parents, children, and the parish. We hope these new ideas can help you encounter God in new ways and better prepare you to hand on our faith to your own children. We need your participation, your ideas, and your encouragement! Catch us after Mass, or let us take you out for coffee to let us know how we are doing and share your ideas!

- Karl and Amy

So What’s New?

Sacramental Preparation for Children

We offer programs to help children and students prepare for, and receive the sacraments of Confession, Confirmation and First Communion. If your child is over the age of 7 and you think they are ready to receive these sacraments, click the button below to get more information about our programming.

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