Marriage is the most beautiful thing that God has created, the man and woman who become one flesh, are the image of God
— Pope Francis


Congratulations! At St. Mary † Our Lady of Peace we want to give you two gifts for your marriage. First, we want to provide you with a lasting memory of a beautiful wedding and secondly, we want to help ensure that you have a beautiful marriage that will last a lifetime. Providing you with these gifts can take as long as 9 months to complete. Contact Deacon Chuck Lamar to discuss the steps necessary to complete our Marriage Preparation Process.


Deacon Chuck

Deacon Chuck


Natural Family Planning

The Office of Marriage & Family Life promotes Natural Family Planning (NFP) as a highly effective, martially enriching, spiritually enlightening, emotionally uplifting, sexually fulfilling and moral means of planning one's family. Less that 1% of couples that practice NFP get divorced. It is also 99% effective in helping couples postpone pregnancy. There are two methods to explore which enhance a life of sacramental love.


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