Respect Life Ministry 

Respect Life Ministry Vision Statement

“Defending and protecting every human life - from the newly conceived embryo to the suffering elder - and everyone in between"

Our Mission is to Affect:

Economic and cultural issues

To develop and implement processes to facilitate support for unmet basic needs of people in our community resulting from economic and or cultural challenges.

Right to Life issues

To focus on the most vulnerable of society: the preborn, the disabled, and the dying.  To uphold their human dignity by education of the parish and the community, with political awareness and advocacy, with service directly to each and support to and for their caregivers

Community Engagement issues

To facilitate and supplement the whole mission with emphasis on engaging and/or informing as many other parishioners as possible about the Respect Life Ministry.

Elder issues

To provide, upon request, companionship and assistance with daily living tasks to elder parishioners, advocating for their desire to live in Summit County with dignity as long they wish and are capable while utilizing the civic and medical agencies available to them.

For your reference the respective Teams and their Captains are:

Right to Life Team - Larry Beardsley - 303-521-6590

Elders Team: Deacon Chuck Lamar -  970-668-0250 x8

Community Engagement Team – Kathy Legoza -  970-513-8474

Economic and Cultural Issues Team – Jim and Sue Copp  - 

                                                              Jim 317-946-3841, Sue 317-946-3842