Parish Vision Statement

Summit County is a place where everyone can enjoy the wonders of God's creation; be it fishing, hiking, sailing, cycling, skiing, riding, or just relaxing.  Here, amidst the glory of God's majestic mountains, the Catholic Parish of St. Mary † Our Lady of Peace, faithfully approaching God, in communion with the universal Church and our Archbishop, seeks to "Build His Church Upon This Summit."

To accomplish this mission we diligently strive to:

A. Proclaim in word and deed the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and provide the Sacraments of the Church to the faithful.  Knowing that the Lord’s flock does not always reside in the fold, we also strive to share the Good News with those who have not yet heard it and to share it anew with those who have fallen away.

B. Welcome and uplift all who join us, whether they are residents or visitors.  Recognizing that we are a diverse community, made up of a variety of people from different places, we will endeavor to accommodate the customs, traditions, and language needs of those God sends to us.

C. Serve our neighbor, particularly the poor and needy, by offering spiritual, economic, and emotional support.  By sharing from what God has given us, we will “Build His Church” not only by addressing the needs that are brought to us, but also by searching out those currently unknown to us.  This may include supporting other charitable, service, and evangelical entities, insofar as their goals and means of pursuing them are aligned with Church teaching.

D. Teach the truths of the faith in an age appropriate manner to all.  By growing in knowledge, we hope to cultivate an educated laity endowed with a rich Catholic worldview.

E. Create opportunities for fellowship, charitable service work, faith formation, and religious pilgrimages. Understanding that the practice of one’s faith involves more than attending Mass, we will encourage participation in a variety of groups and activities and ultimately build up a strong Catholic subculture. 

F. Advocate respect for all human life from the first moment of conception until its natural end.  Actively building up the “Culture of Life” includes educational and demonstrative opportunities for the faithful, as well as outreach and support for those who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

G. Worship God more fully through the promotion of devotional practices and prayer, e.g.,  Eucharistic Adoration, Rosary & Chaplet prayer groups, and the Stations of the Cross.

While the above mentioned means will be focused and given preference in Summit County, we recognize that no parish is an island and we may also be called to minister to needs outside of our parish boundary. 

Confident in the grace and mercy of God, and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we pray that this vision for our parish be achieved.