Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council consists of members of the parish selected by the pastor.  The members serve for a 3-year period and may be named for 1 additional term.  This council advises the pastor on developments of pastoral priorities, helps him to identify pastoral needs, and to implement and evaluate programs. The council assists with encouraging volunteerism and participation by the parishioners in the life, governance, and ministry of the Church.

If you have questions or would like to offer your input, please contact one of the council members:

  • Jack Marusarz 262-0801
  • Joseph Lamb 468-5199
  • Tom Ryan (720) 324-6821
  • Lucy Graciano 513-0516
  • Gary Probst 453-5946
  • Mary Beth Gilligan 468-0430
  • Lou Reynolds 470-5145